According to data published by the Military Medical Service of the Russian Federation, was recorded the first death of Russian serviceman in Chernobyl from radiation sickness. Another 26 people were hospitalized, and 73 people are in serious condition, they were sent to hospitals for forced recovery.

Now the russians must understand that Putin threatens the whole world not only with the Third World War, but also with a new Chernobyl. For a month now, Putin has been sending young Russians to an unnecessary death. Without the necessary military experience, supplies and weapons, the losses are colossal (personnel and military equipment).

Chernobyl needed nuclear physicists, specialists who would at least help to avoid personnel exposure, not to mention a nuclear catastrophe but not just people with guns. Also the Russian troops were forced to retreat from Chernobyl not only due to the active defense of the Ukrainian army, but also as a result of the huge doses of radiation received. Even those who survive after this will endure the consequences no less than the liquidators of the 80s.

Belarusian media give even more serious information about the victims of the Russian army in Chernobyl. Also they add the received photos and geolocation data.

Radiation knows no boundaries and knows no nations. And in the event of an even greater catastrophe from Putin’s decisions, Russians will suffer first!


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